Safety and Serenity

My studio space prioritizes cleanliness and privacy.
No passers-by or lookie-loos.

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How should I prepare for my appointment?

Four weeks before your appointment:
- Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments and microdermabrasion with 4 weeks of your brow appointment.
- Permanent makeup procedures should not be performed on women who are pregnant or nursing.

Two weeks before your appointment:
- Do not tan or burn your skin within 2 weeks of your appointment, I cannot tattoo through a sunburn.
- Do not use retinols within 2 weeks of your appointment.
- Do not have Botox done within 2 weeks of your appointment.
- Avoid fish oils or vitamin E at least 1 week prior to your appointment, as they are natural blood thinners.

24 hours before your appointment:
- Avoid alcohol and blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen) within 24 hrs of your appointment to prevent excess bleeding and poor color retention.
- Wax, tweeze or thread your brows before your appointment. If one of our techs are available at the salon, waxing may be available before hand. Or leave your brows as they are and we can clean them up with a brow razor during your appointment.

What should I expect to feel after the procedure?

- After your appointment and for a couple days, it’s very normal to feel a tender or sunburned sensation in your brows, followed by dry, itchy or tender skin.
- Brows will appear darker and bolder immediately after your brow appointment and up to a few days. During healing they will lighten and shrink up to 30-40%.

What is the healing process?

- Healing takes approximately 4-8 weeks.
- As your skin naturally regenerates, you will see color changes and pigment disappearing and reappearing until the brows settle. Some ink may appear to flake off, then reappear a few days later.
- This is all normal during the healing process and is why I include a touch-up/ perfecting appointment. Be patient and trust the healing process.
- Once healed, continued use of glycolic acid, retin-a, face peels, and exfoliants should be kept away from the brow area. Continued use could lighten the pigment and using these products can make your brows fade faster or cause discoloration.
- Exposure to the sun over time will fade your brows and could cause discoloration. Once healed please apply sunscreen to the tattooed area.
- Laser procedures may darken, lighten or discolor the brows.
- Keep your brows hydrated! These are tattoos, and keeping the skin hydrated will help them appear fresher and brighter.
- Makeup and foundation can of course make the brows appear faded or dull.

How should I care for my new brows?

For first 3-5 days after tattooing:
- Wash the tattooed area 3-5 times a day for 3-4 days or until the brows begin flaking. After they begin flaking you can reduce washing to 1-2 times per day usually morning and night.
- Use warm, not hot water, and a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil or Cerave.
- Avoid harsh cleansers and anything that uses oils, acids or exfoliants of any sort.
- Massage brows lightly with clean hands and gentle soap. Gently pat dry with a soft cloth and apply a thin layer of after care cream with a clean Q-tip each time you wash them.
- DO NOT allow the brows to dry out.

For 7-10 days after tattooing:
- Avoid increased sweating, exercise and strenuous activities.
- Avoid getting your brows wet outside of suggested washing; pools, saunas, jacuzzi, oceans, lakes, baths.
- Tanning bed use ANY time after your brow procedure can cause discoloration and fading.
- Always use an SPF to avoid fading and discoloration when you’re out in the sun.
- DO NOT pick or scratch your healing brows.
- Avoid retinols, retin-a, vitamin A, and oils on the forehead.
- NO makeup products should be applied to the brows until they are done flaking.

What is the risk of infection?

Infections are rare but always possible.
- Signs of infection may include: fever, prolonged or severe pain, redness, and swelling in the immediate - area, along with a warm/radiating heat sensation; sores that contain a thick white or yellow fluid, hard red raised bumps or wounds, nausea and/or vomiting.
- If you think you have an infection seek medical attention immediately!

To minimize risk of infection:
- Never touch your fresh brows with dirty hands.
- Do not let animals on or near them.
- Do not touch public surfaces and then itch or pat your brows.
- DO NOT let anyone else touch your brows.
- ALWAYS wash your hands before washing your brows and use a clean Q-tip to apply your healing ointment.