Digital Nano-Needle Microblading

Nano Needle digital microblading is a natural looking service for those wanting to subtly enhance their natural brows. I use a rotary machine and a nano needle to create natural looking hair strokes that mimic natural brow hair.

Powdered Brows

Powdered brows are great for those that want more made-up look for their brows. This will look more filled in, defined, soft and powdery. As if filled with a brow pencil or powder. This service has a large range of options for how bold or soft you’d like your brows to look. Suitable for all skin types. Mature, oily, or sun damaged skin will do well with this brow type.

Combination Brows

My personal favorite type of brow. Natural hair strokes combined with powder brows. Best suited for clients with oily or combination skin, sun damaged skin or anyone who likes a more defined, made-up bold brow. I also suggest this procedure for clients who have little to no brow hair. Done conservatively it can look very natural and provides a more dimensional and natural look as opposed to just hair strokes.

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner

This eyeliner is applied in the lash line of your upper eyelid. It’s soft and subtle, making your eyes POP and accenting your natural lashes. This is a great service for someone who doesn’t always wear makeup and just wants a little oomph added to their lashes.

BOLD Eyeliner

This eyeliner is not only applied inside the lash line of your upper lid, but also above the lash line to mimic eyeliner. This can have a sharp tail like a liquid eyeliner or a soft fading tail like a eyeliner pencil or powder. Very much a bold made-up look.

Saline Tattoo Removal and Mini Fine-Line Tattoos

Coming Soon!